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Michelle Adams

You're pages still amaze me and fill me with awe! Just beautiful!!!!
Hum... a secret. I know that Eric has been drinking his spinach smoothies and it made me smile to hear you are too! K - maybe not quite a secret - LOL! :)

Kelly Rodgers

AMAZING pages Jenn. You have some serious talent in those fingers!!
A secret - dying for some kind of chocolately goodies.......diets suck!


Awesome yummy pages, loooove them!

Amy O'H.

These are lovely! Your pen work is amazing! Thanks for sharing bits of your process.

tera Callihan

I love your art and secret tips! :D ok a secret ... I talk in my sleep and get more art done in my head than I ever actually get on paper :)


Your doodles are amazing! Love them! When you collage, do you use the gesso to glue the paper bits, or do you use something like mod podge and then gesso over it?


Thanks for sharing your process with us! Your doodles and inky splots are really an inspiration to me...such simplicity, but so much impact. My secret is I love to draw and paint, but tend to be paralyzed about starting something. It's the perfectionist in me--I know, I need to get over it :-)

Paty Shaulis

I love your journal pages and thank you for sharing your process! I do have a question....You said that after you gesso and add color, you take your pens and add doodles. I have very bad luck when I do this. I have lost may expensive pens because they 'gunk up'. What kind of pen do you use? If it works for you, it should work for me right :-). I would greatly appreciate your tips on this. Thank you so much!

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